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NEW Honey Brightening Cleanser

NEW Honey Brightening Cleanser

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Honey Brightening Cleanser helps to brighten the skin, address hyperpigmentation, strengthen the skin barrier, and enhance cellular turnover. It contains 2.5% mandelic and 2.5% lactic acid, which gently exfoliate the skin, and provides antibacterial, hydrating, and brightening benefits. Black BeeOme™ and Arizona mesquite honey help to restore the skin’s microflora and support the skin barrier. This lathery cleanser will help to address multiple skin concerns without stripping the skin, to clarify and improve skin tone.




Why we love it

  • Brightens
  • Improves skin texture
  • Restores microbiome
  • Protects and strengthens the skin barrier
  • Enhances cellular turnover
  • Boosts hydration





Recommended Use 

  • Use once a day to treat hyperpigmentation and reduce breakouts. Adjust frequency if dryness and/or sensitivity occurs.
  • Apply to dampened skin with fingertips in circular, massaging pattern, and rinse with a warm washcloth.
  • Not designed to be a primary cleanser or a makeup remover. Do not use over the eyes.
  • Due to its thicker consistency, a pump can be useful for dispensing.







Honey Brightening Cleanser ayuda a iluminar la piel, disminuir el paño, fortalecer la barrera del a piel y mejorar la renovación celular. Contiene 2.5% de ácido mandélico y 2.5% de ácido láctico, que exfolian suavemente la piel y brindan beneficios antibacterianos, hidratantes e iluminadores. Black BeeOme™ y miel de mezquite de Arizona ayudan a restaurar la microflora de la piel y apoyan la barrera de la piel. Este limpiador en espuma ayudará a abordar múltiples problemas de la piel sin dañarla, para aclarar y mejorar el tono de la piel.





Por qué nos encanta

  • Ilumina
  • Mejora la textura de la piel
  • Restaura el microbioma
  • Protege y fortalece la barrera cutánea
  • Mejora la renovación células
  • Aumenta la hidratación





Uso recomendado

  • Úselo una vez al día para tratar la hiperpigmentación o paño y reducir los brotes. Ajuste la frecuencia si se produce sequedad y/o sensibilidad.
  • Aplicar sobre la piel humedecida con las yemas de los dedos en forma circular, masajeando y enjuagar con un paño tibio.
  • No está diseñado para ser un limpiador primario ni un desmaquillante. No utilizar sobre los ojos.
  • Debido a su consistencia más espesa, un dispensador puede ser necesario para dispensar. 







Active Ingredients 

  • L-Mandelic Acid (2.5%) is a larger molecular weight alpha hydroxy acid with antibacterial properties and works as an exfoliant, allowing dead skin cells to slough off, making room for regrowth of new skin. Improves wrinkling, roughness, and softens skin.
  • L-Lactic Acid (2.5%) is an alpha hydroxy acid working as an exfoliant, allowing dead skin cells to slough off and making room for the regrowth of new skin. It improves wrinkling and roughness, and it softens the skin.
  • Azeloglicina® (1%) (Potassium Azelaoyl Diglycinate) is a dynamic tyrosinase inhibitor to help prevent hyperpigmentation and reduce existing dark spots to improve overall skin tone. It offers anti-inflammatory benefits as well as regulates sebum activity to support acneic skin types.
  • Black BeeOme (1%) (Honey and Zymomonas Ferment Extract) restores the skin’s natural microflora, which is a complex community that functions together with the immune system to defend against pathogens and maintain skin health. It also reduces sebum production for a matte finish on the skin.
  • Arizona mesquite honey provides antibacterial, and antioxidant support. It is nourishing, moisture-binding, and provides healing benefits to the skin.
  • Lipochroman™ molecule (INCI Dimethylmethoxy Chromanol)* is a stable antioxidant with double the activity to protect skin from free radicals, DNA damage, and oxidative stress, and inhibits melanogenesis (lessens pigment). *Lipochroman™ is a trademark of Lubrizol








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