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Blemish Spot Treatment

Blemish Spot Treatment

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Blemish Spot Treatment is a spot treatment to clear the pores and alleviate breakouts.



Why we love it 

This little spot treatment works great for on-the-go relief.

Soothes skin irritation

Reduces inflammation and redness

Clarifies and heals breakouts

Assists in boosting hydrating levels

Limits pigmentation and scarring




Blemish Spot Treatment es un tratamiento para limpiar los poros y aliviar los brotes de acne.

Este pequeño tratamiento de acne funciona muy bien para el alivio sobre las espinillas. 



Porque nos encanta 

Calma la irritación de la piel

Reduce la inflamación y el enrojecimiento 

Aclara y cura los brotes de acne

Ayuda a aumentar los niveles de hidratación 

Limita la pigmentación y las cicatrices 











Active Ingredients 

  • Glycolic Acid (5%) is a deeply penetrating alpha hydroxy acid that reduces wrinkles and promotes resurfacing to refine skin texture. It provides progressive skin clearing and promotes cellular renewal that expedites the healing of breakouts.
  • Salicylic Acid penetrates into the pores to dissolve impacted sebum that causes blackheads. It exfoliates the skin and reduces redness and inflammation associated with pustular breakouts.
  • Witch Hazel is a flowering plant; it is a strong antioxidant and astringent that is often used as a natural remedy for psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions. 
  • Spin Trap entraps reactive oxygen species to restore proper chemical structure and spin to destructive molecules. It also limits lipid peroxidation and free radical damage.
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